Global Coverage


We provide comprehensive coverage across Europe. For over five years, Progresso Research has been extending skilled support to clients through its set of services that include collaborative fieldwork, in-depth interviews, focus groups, data analytics, and engagement-specific consultation.  

The Americas

We regularly provide clients with broad and dynamic coverage across the Americas - a diverse set of geographies with wide-ranging variety in demographics and influences. Progresso Research enables clients to engage with key respondent segments in the Americas through world-class offerings including fieldwork, in-depth interviews, focus groups, data analytics, and engagement-specific consultation.

Asia Pacific (APAC)

Currently, APAC is one of the most dynamic geographies with a legacy in Agriculture and strong growth across key industries including Healthcare, Retail and Media. 

We have a  rich experience and deep understanding of the APAC respondent segments and markets. Clients regularly reach out to Progresso Research to achieve rapid deployment, timely execution and high-relevance insights that can help their businesses thrive profitably. The value promised (and delivered) includes quality fieldwork, engaging approaches, data analytics and topic-specific consultation.


As Africa continues to emerge as a potentially lucrative market, the key industries to focus on are Agriculture, Healthcare, Retail and Media. 

We have a comprehensive understanding of this young geography and its population. 

Clients have engaged us to reach difficult to target segments of the African population and obtained insights that quickly turned into market share and brand leadership. We provide value that rapidly delivers positively to clients businesses.

Middle East

Would you be surprised to learn that studies fielded by us reveal that despite stereotypes, environmental disadvantages and oil-dependent economies, the Middle East is set to witness growth in Agriculture, Healthcare, Retail and Media? 

We also found that within next decade, the Middle East would represent the youngest demographic of the global population. Using this, and other insights about the region, Progresso Research continues to help clients understand and cater to the region's population to achieve favorable business outcomes and achieve positive ties with target customers.




Agriculture is Mankind's oldest profession, feeding Humanity for centuries. Today, it is undergoing dramatic change as multiple revolutions redefine its processes, practices and value chain. Progresso Research works closely with some of the leading names in this field, collaborating to deliver insights by engaging 'hard to target' respondents from both rural and urban locations rapdily and seamlessly. Progresso Research uses its in-house experience and deep reach to deliver results that help clients make crucial strategic decisions correctly.



Media is not just about large corporations that beam content into our homes. Today, Media is about the individual consumer who, using various channels, can directly post content as well as views and opinions, strongly influencing both sales and consequences. Progresso Research regularly uses its wide reach, unique capabilities and specialized experience to help clients find their "strongest connect" with key respondent segments. Clients use the insights obtained through collaboration with Progresso Research to create customized content and favorable stimuli, increasing viewership & market share.



Retail is among the more dynamic industries today and is unique in its ability to absorb a high volume of change at multiple levels, including customers, channels and providers. As consumers become more closely connected with Retail, it is critical (and difficult) to engage them for meaningful exchanges. Everybody is rushing to "connect with the consumer" but only few will get it right. Progresso Research has been using its skills in Market Research to connect clients with fast-moving, high value respondents - insights generated through Progresso Research have helped clients to establish, retain and strengthen their leadership across key segments of Retail.



Globally, the population is ageing.  As healthcare systems and players face rising pressure, the future belongs to only those who can balance patients' expectations and needs with the rigorous challenges of cost vs value. 

We have been servicing key clients from the global healthcare space by using a combination of our domain knowledge, comprehensive reach and analytics. The answers Progresso Research helps to find have direct and measurable impact on key outcomes including patient satisfaction and optimized services.