Market Research is about the analysis of responses received from carefully chosen respondents.  Any analysis cannot be accurate without quality Execution and Recording.  We have rich experience and strong commitment to ensuring that there are no compromises in the quality of services provided to clients. To ensure client delight, we also support pre- and post- survey data collection because poor quality can lead to losses in insights and business benefit. Progresso Research is not just a provider but a partner whom clients trust and depend on for great results.

24x7 Coverage

We are yet to meet a client whose customers (consumers) were not active 24X7. Social Media allows every consumer to operate in "Always On" mode, presenting businesses with multiple opportunities to connect with them and grow profitable. We believe that if your customers are "Always On" 24X7, so should you.....and since Progresso Research is your partner, so should we. We're "Always On" 24X7....but don't take our word for it....call us. We're standing by to hear you....

Quality Checks

Double Opt-in (DOI)


This is a technique where a respondent who opts-in to your panel using the initial recruitment form receives an email to confirm their desire to actually join your panel. This allows you to be doubly sure that your respondent is an actual, unique person who is participating willingly. 

It also improves security - a necessity for any data gathering effort but more crucial in areas like healthcare where information gathered is sensitive in nature. We prefer to use DOI Panels simply because our clients trust us for the best output.....and our strong work ethic.

Response Validation


Validated responses from genuine, demography- and location-appropriate respondents are fundamental to successful Market Research engagements. 

However, a lot of studies end up capturing responses which would fail on validation tests that address geo-location and spam bots. 

We are different.....we use Geo Validation to ensure that any respondent taking the survey is actually present in the specified location.

We also rely on Captcha Validation to try and ensure that the respondent is actually an individual human being (and not a bot) - we know that clients want to hear from their consumers, not bots!

Speeder Check


The best survey results come from respondents who take their time to carefully read and then answer the questions asked. We prefer to gather true (instead of mechanical) responses from our respondents - and our experience tells us that true responses are both honest and comparatively insightful - that is why they typically require that respondents engage thoughtfully at a steady pace. However, sometimes a respondent simply rushes through a survey, affecting the quality and integrity of their responses. We are able to identify and handle such respondents so that our client's output is not impacted.

Progresso Research has worked closely with leading companies across the globe and understands that Quality is critical to a client's success. This also makes it a matter of highest priority for our team because we are regularly relied on by our clients not just as service providers but as partners.